Summertime S’mores … Different Types Of S’mores

It’s the dog days of summer. This means long nights, hot days, swimming, tan lines, camping, BBQ’s and of course s’mores. Whether you roast your marshmallows after grilling, after smoking or around the campfire, they are much more than graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows. If you want to up your s’more game, we have some ideas for you!

  • Try sprinkling Fat Boy Caliente or Denny’s Bacon Salt on top of your marshmallow for added kick and flavor.
  • Use a Ritz or Club cracker instead of a graham cracker
  • Make your s’more with an Oreo cookie
  • Add caramel sauce and Denny’s Bacon Salt for a smoky salted caramel s’more.
  • Use Nutella instead of a chocolate bar.
  • For a Hawaiian style s’more, add a grilled pineapple slice, white chocolate and a toasted coconut marshmallow.
  • Try a Peanut Butter Cup, marshmallow and graham cracker.
  • Use a chocolate chip cookie instead of graham crackers.
  • Add lemon curd instead of a chocolate bar for a Lemon Meringue Pie S’more.
  • For a chocolate strawberry s’more, use a chocolate graham cracker and add sliced strawberries.
  • Try an “Elvis” style s’more by adding banana slices and Nutella instead of chocolate.
  • Interested in a cheesecake s’more? Use a graham cracker, whipped cream cheese, any flavored jam and marshmallow.
  • Replace the chocolate bar with peanut butter for a Fluffernutter S’more.
  • For a carmel apple s’more, use a graham cracker, dulce de leche, apple slices and marshmallow.
  • If a grasshopper s’more sounds delicious, simply use a chocolate graham cracker, peppermint patty or Andes mint and marshmallow.
  • Use a graham cracker, chocolate, caramel and toasted coconut marshmallow for a samoa s’more.
  • Make your s’more with a Fudge Stripe cookie.
  • For a cookie butter s’more, use a graham cracker, cookie butter and marshmallow.
  • Try graham cracker, peanut butter, sliced banana, bacon and marshmallow or an amazing sweet and salty s’more.
  • PB and J s’more? Use a graham cracker, peanut butter, jam and marshmallow.
  • Use chocolate Graham cracker, cherry pie filling, chocolate and marshmallow for a black forest s’more. Like dark chocolate? Try using a graham cracker, dark chocolate bar, marshmallow and candied bacon.
  • For a Mexican chocolate s’more, use a graham cracker, dark chocolate bar, marshmallow and sprinkle with Fat Boy Caliente Rub.
  • Replace the graham cracker with Rice Krispies treats.
  • Ready for your mind to be blown? Split a biscuit in half, add sliced strawberries, marshmallow and chocolate for a strawberry shortcake s’more.
  • Make a sliced peach, brie, and dark chocolate s’more.
  • Try an ice cream s’more! Simply place a scope of ice cream in the middle of a traditional s’more.
  • For an oatmeal pie s’more, simply use oatmeal cookies instead of graham crackers.
  • Use pretzels instead of graham crackers. Dip in chocolate for an over-the-top treat.

Let us know which one is your favorite. We have a few!

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