Wholesale Information

Fat Boy Natural BBQ is the perfect fit whether you’re a big wholesaler or a small one. We can sell wholesale direct to you, or you can contact us for a list of distributors that we work with.

The Skinny On the Fat Boy

  • Premium All Purpose Rub: Our most versatile – good on just about anything.
  • Sweet Rub: A sweet kick. Great on poultry.
  • Cowgirl Ride ‘Em Rub: A good all purpose with a bit of a kick.
  • Premium Steak Rub: Bolder and more course. Great for … well … steaks.
  • Prime Angus Rub: For your bigger and better cuts of meat.
  • Pecan Rub: Just like you barbequed over pecan wood.
  • Premium All Purpose Salt-Free Rub: Our most popular rub without the sodium.
  • Haugwaush Sauce: Our most versatile – the mildest of the bunch.
  • Sticky Stuff Sauce: For those that want sweet with a kick.
  • Chipotle Sauce: Our spiciest tomato-based sauce, but not too over the top.
  • Apple Cider Honey Mustard Sauce: A great honey mustard – with a pepper kick.
  • Cowgirl Sweet & Hot Finishing Glaze: A fruit-based glaze for use during and after grilling.

Why Fat Boy Natural BBQ?

  • Most spices and all sauces are gluten free.
  • All spices are low or no calorie, fat free and carb free.
  • All products are all natural.
  • All sauces are lower sodium.
  • A wide variety for every taste.
  • Three National Barbecue Association Awards of Excellence Winners.