Return Policy

While we understand at times you may want to return our product, and we tend to be some pretty nice people, we do have some rules in regards to what can and cannot be returned.

  1. We unfortunately cannot return products that are not purchased directly through us. If you purchased our spices or sauces at a third party store (such as a grocery or discount store), we cannot return the product as we did not make the original sale. Think of it like buying a Hanes t-shirt at your local Wal-Mart and calling Hanes to return it. Yeah, we wouldn’t do that either.
  2. While we understand that you may not “like” the spice or sauce you bought from us, we cannot return it because you don’t like the taste of it. Yes, it may be too spicy, too salty, or too bland for your taste, but we can’t take it back because of that. Hey, we’re thrilled you tried it! If you don’t like it we ask that you please donate it to a friend or family member who might get a kick out of it.
  3. As with anything, while we strive for 100% perfection with our product, sometimes it just doesn’t make the grade. If you have major issues with your product (besides it just doesn’t taste the way you like) please contact us for how we can work with you regarding your situation.
  4. We occasionally sell items at a deep discount that are past their best by date. All of Fat Boy rubs contain a “born on” date. A “born on” date is the date the product was packaged. All Fat Boy rubs have a “best by” date of two years after the “born on” date. All of Fat Boy sauces contain a “best by” date. The USDA states that a “best by” date is used as a guideline for a product to be on the shelf before purchase.  It is in no way an expiration date.  According to the USDA most products are safe to consume long after the ‘best by” date has passed. All Fat Boy 12 oz. sauces and 4 oz. rubs have a “best by” date of two years after packaging. All Fat Boy 1/2 gallon and gallon sauces have a “best by” date of one year after packaging. It is our policy not to send any product less than 3 months from the “best buy” date listed if you are paying full price for the product. Any products that are “short dated” are sold at a discount and the date is stated in the listing when purchasing the product. If you purchased an item at a deep discount that is “short dated” and you did not read the description, it is our policy that we cannot return the product.
  5. We don’t like legal talk either, but according to section 3-306.14 of the Nebraska Food Code, in regards to returned food and re-service of food: (A) Except as specified in (B) of this section, after being served or sold and in the possession of a CONSUMER, FOOD that is unused or returned by the CONSUMER may not be offered as FOOD for human consumption. (B) Except as specified under 3-801.11(G), a container of FOOD that is not POTENTIALLY HAZARDOUS (TIME/TEMPERATURE CONTROL FOR SAFETY FOOD) may be RE-SERVED from one CONSUMER to another if: (1) The FOOD is dispensed so that it is protected from contamination and the container is closed between uses, such as a narrow – neck bottle containing catsup, steak sauce , or wine; or (2) The FOOD, such as crackers, salt, or pepper, is in an unopened original PACKAGE and is maintained in sound condition. If you didn’t read that (yeah, we don’t blame you) that means that we can’t resell any opened packages. If you would like to return an unopened sauce or spice for any reason for an exchange or refund (if you bought it through us – see #1) we can do that. Who pays of the shipping? We’ll determine that based on the situation, so please contact us with specifics for your request.

Like we said, we are some pretty cool people. If you have any questions, just ask.

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