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Fat Boy Natural BBQ is a line of products created to enhance every meal and barbequing experience. From our variety of barbecue sauces and rub you will find an excellence of product that is hard to surpass in today’s market.

While traveling the country in barbeque competition, we learned about the benefits of adding seasoning to any meat. Doing so not only adds flavor, but also seals in the precious juices that keep the meat moist. After much experimentation we developed a line of fourteen rubs that have what we believe to be the perfect combination of ingredients to complement the flavor of any meat they are used on. Beyond meat, these rubs make a great addition to casseroles and everyday family recipes. When added to sour cream they also make a delightful dip.

Our line of nine sauces and one marinade are distinctly different from those of our competitors. We use very little water in production, which results in a sauce that is thicker in texture and more fully flavored. When applied to a meat product and heated briefly this thicker sauce caramelizes on top of the meat. This keeps our distinctive sauce on top of the meat, which is where we believe it belongs.

Our goal is to make every meal distinctively memorable and we hope our products can help you achieve that. Be sure to try each and every one of them, and see for yourself.

Our History

Born from competitive grilling and incorporated in 2002, Fat Boy BBQ was created to market rubs used in competition. The skills mastered in these competitions and the knowledge obtained from other barbeque experts lead to the development of our all natural barbeque products.

After traveling much of the United States, we became educated on the benefits of using rubs in grilling and smoking meats to keep them juicy and tender. After using various meat rubs already available on the market, we developed one more suited to our operation. As more and more people became acquainted with our grilled and smoked meats, the request to purchase the rub became more frequent, and the company was formed to market it.

Over time this one rub evolved into our current line of fiftreen rubs, several of which have won national awards. Each is distinctive in taste, heat level, and texture. Our rubs seal the meat surface to offer a juicy and flavorful meat product. They also make a great seasoning for a variety of casseroles, vegetables, and prepared meat dishes.

Fueled by the popularity of our rubs the company expanded to include a new concept in barbecue sauces. Unlike some sauces on the market, our variety of nine Kansas City, Southern and Southwest-style sauces are thick with seasonings and a fullness of flavor that delights the taste buds. The line also includes an apple cider honey mustard sauce.

As we continue to write our history, our goal is to provide you with quality products that will help you rub it, slap it, smoke it, sauce it and eat it.

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