Smoked Butter

Sometimes, no most times, we come up with some amazing ideas. Proof in point … smoking butter. We love butter and we love smoked goods, so how could this be anything less than amazing?

We procured the idea from watching one of those television cooking shows. It seemed delicious and easy enough. The star of the show placed 4 or 5 hickory chunks in the bottom of a Dutch oven heating on the stove. She then rolled 3 tin foil balls to hold a bowl of butter on top of the wood. Once the wood started smoking, she turned off the heat and cracked the lid. Thirty minutes later, congratulations, smoked butter.

We had a couple of problems with this: first, not everyone has a Dutch oven and second, we didn’t want the kitchen to smell of hickory for the next 5 years. No worries, when you have BBQ company, you can take these problems to work with you. The solution we found was to smoke the butter on a small charcoal grill.

Attempt #1: We placed a couple of lit charcoal briquettes ashed down and laid a chunk of hickory on top of it. Closed the grill and when the smoke started rolling, we placed butter that was sitting in a glass container on the grill. Well, long story short, we had black burnt butter and a broken glass dish.

Attempt #2: Same thing with the grill. This time we placed the butter in a disposable aluminum pan. We placed that pan in another aluminum pan filled with enough water to cover the bottom. Once again, we placed this in the grill, covered and crossed our fingers for luck. Thirty to thirty five minutes later, we checked the butter. The butter had a brownish gold color to it, perfect!

We transferred the butter to a glass container, mixing well to combine the oil with the milk solids. We left the metal fork in the glass container and set the container in the freezer for approximately thirty minutes. Thirty minutes later, we stirred vigorously. The glass container and the metal fork both helped with cooling the butter and we were able to mix to a spreadable consistency.

You can now serve the butter or place in the refrigerator until you are ready to use it. We weren’t wrong, this butter is amazing! This is a must do for anyone wanting to try something new with their smoker. There are numerous ways to smoke butter, but this technique worked for us and it will for you too!

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  1. Amanda Pylate says:

    Can’t wait to try this. I have a pellet grill and I think I can make it work. What kind of butter did you use?

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