Baking on the Grill

Sure, you mastered the burgers, steaks, ribs, pork shoulder and brisket! You probably consider yourself pretty good on the grill, as you should. But have you tried baking? No, grilling a pizza is not going to count for this one. Have you baked a cake or even cookies on the grill? Well, you should and we are going to provide you with some tips and tricks on how to do that.

You may find that baking on a gas grill is easier because it is easier to regulate temperature on a gas grill but … we do have some tips for baking on charcoal grills as well.

For gas grills moderate the temperature by setting the three control knobs at medium-off-medium, which will give you a 300˚- 350˚F baking temperature. If you need it hotter, turn up the control knobs but leave the center knob off for indirect cooking.

For charcoal grills, wait until after the briquettes are ashed over, separate them by putting half on either side of an empty area for indirect cooking. To set the temperature on the charcoal grill, simply open or close the damper on the lid. For a 300˚-350˚F oven temp, close the damper halfway, if it’s too hot, close it a little more, if it’s too cool, open the damper.

When baking over an hour you will need to add 8-9 briquettes to each side every hour of cooking time and cook just like the recipe instructions. Another tip is to nestle a foil baking pan half-filled with water into the charcoal and bake directly over a pan of water. Some other general tips: Use the right pan.

Skip using glass or ceramic because they might shatter. Use metal, ceramic or cast iron. Use indirect heat. Also make sure you create a buffer. This is as easy as placing another pan beneath the pans you are baking in. Or try bricks. You can set a brick or two as necessary on the grill then place the baking pan on top of them. This will lead to an airier and more tender baked good.

Be sure to set a timer but keep your eye on the grill to make sure temp remains, check the temperature about every 7 minutes. Try not to peek too much, because every time you do, it lowers the temperature. Instead use your nose to see if it’s cooking.

Alright, friends, have fun and enjoy. We are off to bake a dessert … on the grill of course!

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