How to Make BBQ Sauce

So the grill or smoker is going and the meat is just about done.  If you looked this up and are reading it you just figured out that you used your last bottle of Fat Boy Natural BBQ sauce last week.  Never fear, we are here to help you with a simple and quick way to make your own with the stuff you probably have in the cupboard.  Take a deep breath, open your favorite beverage and follow these directions for a good sauce that will hold you over until you can get to the store and stock up on the good stuff.

The base of this sauce is tomato sauce and tomato paste, however ketchup will do in an emergency.

1 Cup Tomato sauce
1/2 Cup Tomato paste
1/4 Cup Mustard
1/4 Cup Honey

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and salt to taste.  That’s it – you are done!

“Hey wait I don’t have some of that stuff.”  Well, once again, Fat Boy Natural BBQ has your back.

No tomato sauce or paste?  Use 1 1/2 cups ketchup.

No Honey?  Use 1/4 cup brown sugar.

Want to spice things up a bit?  Use spicy mustard in place of yellow mustard or add any of the following in 1/4 teaspoon increments until you get the desired flavor … cayenne powder, garlic powder, hot sauce or Worcestershire sauce.

The whole process should take about 10 minutes depending on how organized your cupboard is and how quickly you take care of that beverage that we talked about earlier.  Have fun with it and keep an eye on those grill temps.