What To Do Around the Smoker

We all know that if  you’re lookin’ you ain’t cookin’ so this is our top 10 list of things to do around the smoker.

10. Lie about the fish you caught and let go without taking a picture.
9. Lie about the 10 point deer that was just out of bow range.
8. Tell everybody about why your rub is better than everyone else’s.
7. Try to solve the age old question of sauce or no sauce.
6. Argue pork or beef.
5. Convince a Mesquite guy why Hickory is better.
4. Debate bow or shotgun for turkey hunting
3. Compare cammo patterns.  Real Tree vs. Mossy Oak.
2. Tell everybody you wear the pants while knowing it’s only when she lets you.
1. Drink a lot of beer!  Like you didn’t know that was #1.