Burgers 101 – How To Make The Perfect Hamburger

Memorial day is just around the corner and we thought you may want some burger cooking tips from Fat Boy Natural BBQ.

When it comes to cooking a burger, there are several different types of beef that you can use.  We have found the best results by using an 80/20 ground beef mix.  This ratio has enough fat to flavor, but not so much the you need to keep the fire department on speed dial for flare ups.

We recommend a little Worcestershire sauce and a 50/50 mix of our Steak and Prime Angus rubs.  Ease the burgers into patties and let them sit while you fire up the coals and maybe have a tasty adult beverage.  When the grill is ready there are a couple of tips that can help you and make you king of the grill.

First one is never, ever, ever, ever cut into the burger to see if it’s done.  This releases the juices and instead of a juicy burger you have a dry one.  The up side is that you get some pretty sweet flames shooting up at your hand when the juice hits the coals.

The second tip is only flip them once.  When you continue to flip your burgers they dry out, lose flavor and let’s face it who wants hockey puck on a bun.  When grilling remember 2 minutes per side for rare, 3 minutes per side for medium rare, 4 minutes for medium and 5 for well done.

Once you have cooked them, temped them, timed them and pulled them off the grill, your burgers have been through a lot so they deserve a little rest.  Resting your burgers for at least 5 minutes allows the juices on top to redistribute through the patty.

Give these tips a shot and let us here at Fat Boy BBQ know how it went.