Sweet Natural BBQ Rub 24 oz


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The unique blend of spices in our sweet rub adds tantalizing flavor to all grilled and smoked meat. It seals in juices that keep meat moist and tender while adding that ‘just right’ seasoning that brings the flock running to the dinner table.

Warning:Be prepared to fight the desire to constantly peck at meals created using this product.

All Natural. No MSG.

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Lightly coat meat surface with rub prior to cooking, smoking or grilling. It is also excellent added to baked beans and casseroles, especially those with pork and chicken. Add to sour cream for a great dip for chips and raw veggies. Store in a dry place. Made in the USA.


Sugar, salt, spices, onion and garlic, molasses powder (molasses, wheat starch, and soy lecithin), chipotle flavor (jalapeno, maltodextrin, hickory smoke flavor), and less than 2% soybean oil as a processing aid. Allergens: Wheat Starch and Soybean Oil.



All of Fat Boy Natural BBQ 24 oz. rubs contain a “best by” date. The USDA states that a “best by” date is used as a guideline for a product to be on the shelf before purchase.  It is in no way an expiration date.  According to the USDA most products are safe to consume long after the ‘best by” date has passed. All Fat Boy Natural BBQ 24 oz. rubs have a “best by” date of three years after packaging. Any products that are “short dated” are sold at a discount and the date is stated in the listing when purchasing the product.


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“If I grill anything at all (pork, fish, beef, lamb, you name it.) I generously sprinkle this first and then cook over a high flame and in a really hot grill pan. The trick is to make sure that your pan is HOT (I’ll leave it over a flame for at least 5 minutes) so that you get that perfect caramelizing sear and the flavor/moisture stays locked in.”

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“As I am spending more time at the grill lately, I find myself sprinkling (sweet rub) on asparagus and other vegetables, as well as the ribs.”

-Mark Wattier

“I just tried your sample of your Sweet Rub for the first time on some ribs and I want to be fair about this so listen closely….THIS IS THE BEST RUB I HAVE EVER TRIED IN MY LIFE!!! I gotta have more! Thank you for making a true decent rub!! That stuff would be good on a flip flop!! LOL Thanks for the sample!”

-Cathy Rooks
Carrollton, Georgia

“Some of the best all around rub you can buy. It makes the best BBQ chicken, slap on some rub, leave it over night. Boom !! Your family will enjoy every bite.”

-P. Fisherman
Gardena, California

“My initials are JB and I am a FAT BOY so I got this for a display item in the spice rack. However I was surprised how much I enjoyed it as a rub on my pork ribs! Has a bold but not overtly assertive flavor. Differently a Southern flavor profile …nice!”

“Chef John” Biswanger
Colorado City, Colorado

“Good taste. Use it to smoke almost everything.”

New Jersey

“Super good!”

Mama C

Did a 100 lb hog roast and it work out awesome. Hot enough for me to like but tame enough for the kids to ask for more. I will be buying more of this for my pantry.

-John Galt

This is my new go-to seasoning for chicken on my Big Green Egg. Whether I’m doing wings, chicken breasts or a beer-can chicken, this seasoning adds so much flavor. Everyone who eats my food loves my chicken and I credit Sweet Rub with much of the credit. I started with the smaller quantity version and have now graduated to the 24oz one. If you’re doing wings or beer-can chicken, a quick tip is baste the skin with canola oil before going on the grill. This will help make the skin crispy and delicious.”

Atlanta, GA

Absolutely amazing on hamburgers.”

-Jeff Husband

Great smell and flavor.

-Koscove M.

I use this with all my grilled chicken.

-Danice L. Chartrand

Very good.”

-George L.

“This is the best spice mix ever! It has become our “secret family recipe.” We use it on shrimp and salmon, chicken and meat. It is the perfect mix of sweet and savory, and makes preparing a delicious meal sooo easy. Just saute shrimp in olive oil and the sweet rub, and serve them over cheesy grits – fantastic – and ready in minutes! Sprinkle it over salmon that has been lightly coated with olive oil and grill or bake. Everyone will love it – and think you have a fancy recipe. We now give big bottles of the Sweet Rub as gifts.

-Judith V.

Great! Smoked 10 ribs and 6 chickens. Friends and family loved it.”

-Jerry Butler

Excellent sweet rub. Like you’d get with a Memphis style barbecue.

Jim C.

Oh my. Wife thinks this is the best seasoning ever!!!!!!


Best rub I have tasted.”

-Desi Jones

Great Rub and good price. Taste great!

-Geri Derwinski

Good on everything!

-Walter Oyer

Great BBQ rub.”

-David Poon

“Absolutely love Fat Boy rubs!! Pretty much the best rub there is as far as I’m concerned. I’ll be using it on lots and lots, and buying it again!”


“Good for if you want barbeque flavor.”

-Deborah Benner

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