Premium All Purpose Gluten Free Natural BBQ Rub 24 oz: Case of 6


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The unique blend of spices in our premium rub adds a tantalizing flavor to all your grilled and smoked meats. It will seal in the juices that keep meat moist and tender, while adding that “just right” seasoning that beckons the hungry crowd home to the dinner table.

Warning: Be prepared to fight the desire to pig out while eating.

All Natural. Gluten Free. No MSG.

Best On:

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Heat Level:

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Lightly coat meat surface with rub prior to cooking, smoking, or grilling. It is also excellent added to baked beans, casseroles and potato dishes.

Store in a dry place. Made in the USA.


Salt, spices, onion and garlic, paprika, chipotle flavor (jalapeno, maltodextrin, hickory smoke flavor), and less than 2% soybean oil as a processing aid.



All of Fat Boy Natural BBQ’s 24 oz. rubs contain a “best by” date. The USDA states that a “best by” date is used as a guideline for a product to be on the shelf before purchase. It is in no way an expiration date.  According to the USDA most products are safe to consume long after the ‘best by” date has passed. All Fat Boy Natural BBQ 24 oz. rubs have a “best by” date of three years after packaging. Any products that are “short dated” are sold at a discount and the date is stated in the listing when purchasing the product.


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“I received a sample of the all purpose rub. It was hands down the best rub I have used! My family of 6 loved it. I used it on pork tenderloin, ribs, and hamburgers. Fantastic!”

-Noelle Trueman
St. Louis, Missouri

““I flippantly grabbed your rub off the shelf as I usually try different rubs just to test how they are. I am just an average guy who doesn’t know much about smoking. I used your rub (Premium All Purpose) and wrapped the ribs in foil and left in the fridge for a day. I put them on a gas grill in aluminum foil for two hours cooking at 225 and then removed them and smoked them for an hour and 15 minutes after making a homemade aluminum foil smokebox and they were by far the best ribs that I have ever eaten. I have a photo of your product on my iPhone so I don’t forget it and can get more even if I have to order online. I made two more slabs and let the neighbors in our complex sample them and they said the same thing. Great product!”

-Clint Woods
Independence, Missouri

“This stuff (Premium All Purpose rub) is like crack … and I cannot get enough of it. A staple of my spring/summer grilling which is most weekends and plenty of week days. In fact, you probably shouldn’t buy any of this so there is more for me. Yes, this stuff is horrible and gross. Don’t buy any. Leave it for me :D”

-Maximilian Rockefeller

“Fat Boy Premium All Purpose Rub was recommended by a neighbor who said he no longer feels the need to keep the cabinet full of the other rubs he has tried and found to be lacking. After trying Fat Boy Rub, I also think it is time to get rid of the kitchen clutter. This stuff is great!”

-Mark Wattier

“This (Premium All Purpose) rub is wonderful on all kinds of meats. I use it on crock pot rotisserie chicken, on pork chops and on almost any kind of beef. Great flavor!”

-J. Olson
Omaha, Nebraska

“I have never purchased a rub before as I have always made my own. This time, I wanted to give this rub a try due to the positive reviews and the price. Every year my wife and I have a “smoke out” at my house … ribs, brisket, bratwurst and chicken, and entertain about 50 friends/family members. JB’s stood up well to the other reviews! Excellent flavor! I was quite surprised not to find brown sugar in the ingredients, though. I cut it with equal amount of brown sugar, and found this to make a near perfect rub! We now use it on eggs, potatoes, fish and everything that goes on the grill or in the smoker. I cannot make it any better or any cheaper. Highly recommended!”


“Nice flavor works well on any smoked meat. Go for the 24 oz., you won’t be disappointed.”

-J. Myers
Brownsburg, Indiana

“I have been using this rub for over 10 years. I grill almost every day and this is my go to seasoning.”


“This stuff has a great taste. The seasoning itself is a bit hot. To me “who likes hot stuff” it’s nothing. But to my wife it was a little spicy but good. Better to sprinkle it on and refrigerate it for 1/2 hour, then throw it on the grill.”

-Michael Febbo

“Good taste. Use it to smoke almost everything.”


Best rib rub ever!


“Excellent rub!!!!! Operated a BBQ pit for years; this is the best rub I have come across. Rub is soooo good I didn’t even sauce my last rack of ribs. Use a directed (lightly coat) before smoking. Try your ribs dry; YOU WON’T BE SORRY!!!!!”

-Steven Finch

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