Cowgirl Gluten Free Natural BBQ Rub 24 oz


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2018 Winner 2nd place at the National BBQ & Grilling Association Awards of Excellence in the all purpose spicy rub category!

2018 Winner 2nd place at the American Royal Best Rub on the Planet competition in the spicy rub category and 5th Best Rub overall!

Give mealtime some ‘giddy up and go using our quality cowgirl rub. While our unique blend of spices seals in the juices that keep meat moist, the wonderful aroma rustles up the senses and rounds up the hungry herd to dinner.

Warning: Be prepared to kick off your boots and ‘sit a spell’ around the table.

All Natural. Gluten Free. No MSG.

Best On:

BeefIcon PorkIcon PoultryIcon SeafoodIcon VegIcon

Heat Level:

FireIcon FireIcon FireIcon FireIcon_gray FireIcon_gray

Lightly coat meat surface with rub prior to cooking, smoking or grilling. It is also excellent added to baked beans, casseroles and potato dishes. Store in a dry place. Made in the USA.


Salt, spices, onion and garlic, paprika, chipotle flavor (jalapeno, maltodextrin, hickory smoke flavor), spice extractive, and less than 2% soybean oil as a processing aid.



All of Fat Boy Natural BBQ’s 24 oz. rubs contain a “best by” date. The USDA states that a “best by” date is used as a guideline for a product to be on the shelf before purchase.  It is in no way an expiration date.  According to the USDA most products are safe to consume long after the ‘best by” date has passed. All Fat Boy Natural BBQ 24 oz. rubs have a “best by” date of three years after packaging. Any products that are “short dated” are sold at a discount and the date is stated in the listing when purchasing the product.


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“We always keep a container of Fat Boy Cowgirl Rub on hand. It is truly versatile. We use it on chicken, pork, and steak. It’s just about the best rub we’ve come across. Sprinkle it on your meat and let it sit a bit before cooking. Whether you’re grilling outside or on the George Foreman, or even if you’re baking the meat, this rub seals in the moisture and adds a nice, zesty taste.”

Doug Erlandson
Lincoln, Nebraska

“I put this stuff on everything. So tasty.”

Baker Austen
Littleton, Colorado

“Love this stuff! I am officially the rub queen! I’m trying to do a lower carb diet and this has no carbs. It’s good on pork chops, chicken, salmon…everything. I even use it on grilled baked potatoes.”

Karen M.
Wichita, Kansas

“We really like this seasoning on a nice T-Bone, or Ribeye steak cooked over hot coals – yum! I season the steak just a little before cooking, while it sits out to get to room temperature about 40 minutes, but I add more seasoning when steak is finally done. For a really great finish, melt some butter on your finished steak and sprinkle Cowgirl over it to finish it off. For something different, try sprinkling some on your cooked broccoli. This spice is a Southwest style seasoning with a little spice makes a nice change from McCormick’s Grill Mate Montreal Steak which is a very popular seasoning for steak. This Cowgirl rub would be very good on smoked pork ribs, or Pork butt as well! “


“This seasoning is delicious!! My kids don’t like spicy food and love this seasoning. Everyone we grill for can’t stop talking about the amazing flavor.”

-Troy S.

“Sounds strange, but I love this when I make scrambled eggs! TRY IT!”

Sara Schlueter

I put this stuff on everything. So tasty.

-Baker Austen
Littleton, CO

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