Buffalo Bacon Ranch Chicken Sliders

6 Tablespoons ranch dressing
1/3 cup Fat Boy Trail Blazer Wing & Hot Sauce
Denny’s Bacon Salt
6 Tablespoons Fat Boy Apple Cider Honey Mustard
1 pack Hawaiian rolls
6 oz chopped cooked bacon
1 1/2 – 2 Chicken Breast
3 Tablespoons butter
4-5 slices provolone cheese

Add Denny’s Bacon Salt to chicken breasts. Cook to an internal temperature of 200 degrees. Shred chicken and add 1/3 stick butter and 1/3 cup Trail Blazer Wing & Hot Sauce. Cut Hawaiian Rolls in half. Add ranch dressing to bottom half of rolls and Apple Cider Honey Mustard to top half of rolls. Add shredded chicken to bottom of rolls. Top with chopped bacon and provolone cheese. Place top of rolls on bottom half. Place in a foil pan and baste the top with butter. Put on smoker or oven at 400 degrees until toasted. Slice and serve.

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